Contact Number for Offices of Haitian Deputies and Senators

Below are the contact numbers for Haitian Deputies and senators. In Order to get diaspora increased capacity to be involved politically, we are asking to call your local Deputy and senator and request this be discussed and voted on in the next parliamentary session. The full list is below.


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Phone:      202-918-6992

Address2586 Graywell St

                  East Point GA 30344

Haitian United Front
of the Diaspora

The United Front of the Haitian Diaspora (UFHD or UF) is an advocacy organization whose work is to unite and strengthen the worldwide Haitian Diaspora and its supporters, in order to enhance the economic, health, and social wellbeing of all of Haiti’s children. Our mission is to also ensure and protect the right of every citizen to be involved in the decision-making processes that affect them.

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