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The Haitian Diaspora needs a Worldwide Haitian United Front to exert pressure on the political, social, economic, cultural realms to achieve enough parity relative to powerful forces of the Haitian Establishment in Haiti to protect the best interest of Haiti nationally and internationally.   While the Diaspora is made up of many organizations and extraordinarily capable individuals who are already doing their best to help Haiti, many more are burning with desire to do more to help lift Haiti out of dire poverty and protect its nationals from abuse and indignity.  As it stands, the Diaspora has not yet been able to overcome the narrow interests of these powerful forces of the Establishment in order to help in establishing and implementing sustainable political and economic development policies to lift the Haitian people out of their extreme and dire poverty. Furthermore, the Diaspora is unable to exercise its Constitutional right to vote as protected by Article 52.1 of the Amended Constitution because the Establishment has continuously refused to put in place the mechanism that would allow members of the Diaspora to exercise to vote.

While there are many individuals and organizations from the Diaspora involved in a multitude of projects in Haiti; their primary goals tend to focus on providing humanitarian assistance and working on individual small-scale projects. Further complicating the problem is the lack or insufficient amount of coordinating efforts among the various groups of individuals and organizations to create any impactful change. The Diaspora cannot overcome the tremendous obstacles blocking Haiti’s development as we are presently constituted. That is the reason we need a United Front to work together in a concerted effort to develop strategic plans of action to allow the Diaspora to fully participate and contribute towards the economic development of our beloved Haiti.

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The full trans-generational reintegration of all sons and daughters of Haiti,  to participate at all levels of Haitian society to help lift it into the 21st century to overcome poverty and underdevelopment.




To mobilize Haitians in the Diaspora to reintegrate into Haitian society in order to,  alongside our fellow Haitians inside the country, contribute in helping to develop Haiti into a politically stable, peaceful and prosperous nation where every Haitian can achieve a good quality of life.

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