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6/14/2020 COVID Conference Recap

Covid-19 in the Haitian Communities

The first in a series of teleconferences geared toward the Haitian community to address the Covid-19 pandemic took place on 6/14/2020. These conferences are sponsored by the United Front of the Haitian Diaspora.

Three aspects were covered:  medical, socio economic and elements of recommendations.

The panelists were: Drs. Serge J C Pierre-Louis, Neurologist, MPH, Anthony Solages, Infectious Disease specialist, Ernest Barthelemy, MD, MPH Neurosurgery Resident, Paul Farmer Global Surgery Fellow  

Dr. Anthony Solages gave an excellent overview of the infection caused by the covid-19 virus. He went to certain degree over the symptoms, treatment, and above all prevention which is the cornerstone to prevent the disease from spreading.

Drs. Serge Pierre Louis and Ernest Barthelemy went over the medical aspect of the pandemic as well and highlighted the components of the social determinants of health in relationship to the severity of the disease and mortality 


During the discussion a couple of points were made.

. Being healthy is not related only to an individual action but also linked to our environment. In that regard health can be considered as a collective wealth.

. The Haitian community can access information in Creole on the CDC website

. There is a glaring lack of data regarding the Haitian community in terms of cases, mortality

. Lack of engagement of the community in the political arena and use the Haitian Americans elected officials as leverage.

. Alternative medicine plays an important role in the Haitian society, will continue to be but, it lacks the scientific evidence 

. The scientific field is quasi non existent in Haiti


. Need to participate in the census.

. We have Haitian Americans in many states, ask AMHE to work with them to access their data base. The United Front currently is collecting data on mortality in the Haitian community.

. Need to promote alternative medicine, but treatment has to be scientifically validated

. Explore how to help 

. Invest in scientific research in Haiti

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