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UF Signed Montana Accord Press Release

Accord press release.doc
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Titoto Mercier
Titoto Mercier
30 sept 2021

What the United Front should perhaps do beyond signing the Montana accord is:

1) Reveal their independent reading and critical analyses of the accord itself.

2) The principles they found their choice upon to sign the agreement.

3) Invite political experts to discuss the content of the accord so Haitians in the Diaspora maybe more educated about it: of course, Myrtha Désulmé is a credible personality that the United Front could invite to have a constructive panel’s discussion. She is actively involved in the process;

4) Most importantly, the United Front should have played an avant-gardist role to shed light on the international plan through the UN and the regional organizations such as USAID, OIM, AOS, and other to tran…

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