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Haitian Diaspora Group Wants Urgent End To Political Crisis

EVANSTON, CMC – A broad coalition of groups in the Haitian Diaspora wants an urgent resolution of the current political crisis in the French-speaking Caribbean country, saying that Haiti has “crumbled under the weight of this acute crisis”.

The group, known as the United Front of the Haitian Diaspora (UFHD), based in Evanston, Illinois, claimed in an emailed resolution to nationals today that “anarchy and stagnation prevail everywhere.” 

“President (Jovenel) Moise and his administration can no longer resolve the crisis without radical changes,” said UFHD, stating that its mission is “to mobilise Haitians living in the Diaspora, our children, our friends and allies to help Haiti develop.” 

“So, as much as we are constitutionalists, we think that the president has to come to term with that reality and be compassionate, and make his contribution to stability and end the carnage,” it added. 

UFHD claimed that Moise does not have the capacity to maintain a stable government to manage the affairs of the nation in the best interests of citizens for more than a year, adding that “that such a situation has led him to the successive nomination of prime ministers but yet powerless to obtain ratification at the level of Parliament, in spite of the fact that he has had a clear majority.” 

It also said that Moise has been incapable of addressing the root causes of the nation’s deteriorating social-political crisis and its acute economic collapse, and is “powerlessness of bringing together divergent forces within the society to find solutions in spite of his attempt to create various commissions that bore no results, such as the Etat Generaux, the Commission de Consultation, etc., and others.”

UFHD noted that, since July, 2018, there have been intensive demonstrations against the government to protest rising costs of living, taxes levelled on fuel, “rampant or blatant corruption gone unpunished (the Petro Caribe dossier), and accusations of corruption levelled against the president and his entourage.”

The group said such demonstrations and failure to address their roots causes have resulted into significant loss of lives, properties, and trade and business opportunities, and disruption of basic services, including access to schools by children.

In addition to the failure of the executive branch, UFHD said the Legislature (Chamber of Deputies and the Senate) has shown its “inability to perform its basic functions,” including passing the budget, enacting legislation, voting to amend the constitution to achieve significant changes, and sanctioning members for illegal acts.

UFHD said the judiciary has also been “disappointing” for its failure to pursue corrupt members of the executive branch and representatives of the civil society accused of corruption or misappropriation of funds. 

Given that “a large majority of the population demands the unconditional resignation of the president,” among other things, the coalition proposed a consultative process, in the very short term, “aimed at coordinating our efforts with those of other movements with similar views as our own.”

UFHD said the consultation will be aimed at reaching points of agreement on initiatives to address the current situation, to formulate a specific set of proposals and to inform the entire population about such immediate proposal to resolve the crisis.

The group also called for the establishment of an Emergency Representative Management Council (Representative Council) composed of personalities and, in observance of the spirit of the constitution, headed by a reputable member of the Court of Cassation. 

UFHD said this council must include representatives from key sectors of the population, both inside and outside the country, who will take charge of administering the transition.

In this transition, UFHD said President Moise must transfer power to the Council peacefully “and have the opportunity to legally respond to charges against him.”

UFHD also wants the Acting Prime Minister to resign from his post “in order to allow a new, acting, appropriate Interim Prime Minister to manage the day-to-day affairs of the country in collaboration with the Representative Council.”

In addition, the group wants the new Interim Prime Minister, in consultation with the Representative Council, to establish a Permanent Electoral Council (CEP) that will include members of the Diaspora.

UFHD also wants the CEP to organise “a single set of elections” (Presidency, Senate and Chamber of Deputies) of candidates based on adherence to the implementation of a long-term development plan, with the participation of the Diaspora.

Additionally, UFHD wants the proposed Representative Council to “aggressively engage in dialogue with partner countries and seek out new partners to help alleviate the suffering of the population and assist in the development of Haiti.” 

The council must also provide all legal and material tools and mechanisms necessary for the judiciary and the Haitian National Police (PNH) to disarm all groups or individuals carrying weapons illegally, and to “restore a safe atmosphere for the Interim government and the citizens,” UFHD urged. 

In a decentralised manner, UFHD wants the council to empower the Municipal Governments “to assess and meet the basic needs of the population in the realm of food, health care, education and to solicit their civic duty to continue their participation to help repair the damages done during the mass resistance to corruption and to expel President Moise.”

UFHD wants the council to “immediately establish structural relationships with Diaspora and allied organisations and individuals from around the world, via a series of small-scale or large-scale consultations, conference calls or teleconferences to seek opportunities for contribution to the resolution of the crisis based on sound mediation practices given the seriousness of the situation.”

According to UFHD, the council must organize a “bottom-up national constituent assembly of all sectors of the Haitian society to reach a consensus for a 25-year reconstruction plan for Haiti” and review “every consideration of all studies and proposals submitted, including those proposed by the Haitian United Front of the Diaspora.”

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It is pretty much possible to establish a fund for Haiti's development.

I)- We can do it thru a bank such bank have to be almost in every city in the US

Each Haitian motivated willing can deposit a minimum of $1 each month into an account reserved solely to develop Haiti. Every two years such will be evaluated as far as the amount.

Then we can bid to see what company can work with us to establish such infrastructure such as roads water electricity dock in several city to give them access to export.

we can even ask the cars company doing business in Haiti to contribute after all they benefit from bad road because Haitian are forced t…

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