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Promoting Good Governance and Diaspora Integration.

Adopt a President Vice President system and adequate impeachment safeguards

Adopt an amendment to replace the position of Prime Minister (as per articles 98.3 and 135), with the position of Vice President so that voters can elect a President and Vice-President as a team to achieve continuity in governance, increase the efficacy of the Executive branch, reduce political instability, decrease uncertainty and avoid instances of potential corruption scenarios that often affect due process during nomination of Prime Ministers.

Achieve Representation of all Haitians in Parliament Beyond Haiti’s Borders

Modify Articles 61.1 and 90 of the amended 1987 constitution to virtually expand the nation’s geographical boundaries to create new electoral constituencies so that the Haitian Diaspora could be entitled to representation in the parliament using data to identify their location in the diaspora. Such expansion will contribute to the nation benefiting from the talents, experiences and expertise of its citizens living inside and outside of Haiti.

Decentralize to achieve Good Governance from the Bottom Up

Unleash the energy, creativity and initiatives of the masses of Haitian people from the bottom up by structuring and promoting local autonomy so that:

a). Each commune, municipality, department and other local governmental entities can help identify their constituents’ needs (infrastructure, disaster mitigation,

educational priorities, environmental priorities energy, economic development, health care services, etc.)

b) Each commune, municipality, department and other local governmental entities can help identify and secure the necessary resources to achieve a balanced annual budget to meet their constituents needs.

Let Voters amend the Constitution by Referendum

Removal of Article 284-3 to allow the Constitution to be amended by referendum instead of 2/3 of the parliament. This procedure will make practical changes more readily achievable and not subject to uncertain electoral processes.

Article 11: Remove Restrictions to Make Haitians by Birth Eligible to Run for Elective Positions.

This will apply for Haitians, who tough holding a second citizenship due to various circumstances, have never renounced their citizenship before a Haitian legal authority. The constitution would establish impeachment safeguards for highest offices, such as the Presidency and the Vice Presidency.

The United Front proposes the following modification of Article 11: Replace “Haitian of origin” by “Haitian at birth” to simplify the process of determining the nationality of an individual and those whose Haitian nationality is derived from their Haitian mother or a Haitian father. Require that renunciation occur only before a designated Haitian legal authority.

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United Front of the Haitian Diaspora –Fwon Ini Dyaspora Aisyen – Front Uni de la Diaspora haïtienne - 2019

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