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United Front Proposal to Resolve Haiti’s immediate and endemic Crisis (Final LJB)


1) We, Haitians, can continue to put ourselves in another vulnerable position to be “rescued” once again

by our “benefactors” resulting in negative consequences for us; or,

2) We can conspire to help ourselves to resolve our own conflicts peacefully and be guided by our own

constitution with allies we choose to help develop our nation.

The United Front urges all to choose the latter or choice 2. But how to do this:

A) First and foremost, let’s all agree that Haiti is our country and we must work together to forge a

new and brighter Haiti. ONE HAITI, ONE PEOPLE, ONE MISSION: For Haiti to regain its rightful place in

the world--A beacon for freedom. Yes, we can.

B) Select a representative Conseil of respected individuals with a tract record of activism (who will not

run for elective offices) made up Representatives of all sectors of the population (youth, elders,

peasants, workers, intellectuals, from inside and outside of the country including the Diaspora to act as

the government to do the following over the course of the remainder of the President Jovenel Moise’s

term and possibly longer:

1) Demand that President Jovenel Moise transfer his power to the Conseil and that he Negotiates a

peaceful transfer of power from President Moise and to provide him safe passage to a country of his

choosing which who would accept him and his family with an appropriate pension as provided by the


2) Access fuel and make such available for resumption of commerce to revive economic activities;

2) Relieve the immediate needs of the population for food, clothing via mass distribution through

decentralized distribution centers to address the humanitarian crisis;

4) Organize a national constituent assembly of all sectors of the Haitian society to reach a consensus

for a 25 year reconstruction plan for Haiti reviewable every 5 years;

5) Organize one election (for Presidence. Senate and House of Representatives on the basis of

adherence to implementation of such plans with the participation of the Diaspora;

7) Reach out to new allies, such as the People’s Republic of China immediately at the risk of getting the

US upset to get immediate material support to alleviate the suffering of the masses of Haitians;

8) Immediately Decentralize all operations to the Mayors with adequate budget to Improve the

Delivery of Services to the Masses of People;

9) Prosecute corruption such as the theft of Petrocaribe Money via the immediate appointment of a

Special Prosecutor/Counsel by our Commissaire du Gouvernement to prosecute the theft of

PretroCaribe Funds and those whom the Reports of La Cour Superieure des Comptes et Contentieux

Administrative (CSCCA) have been identified as having violated the law. The Prosecutor’s Office will

have all power to bring charges in a court of law to all whom that evidence shows a violation of the law

of the land has been committed. The Prosecutor will have the power to have any accused arrested and

brought in front of a judge. The Prosecutor’s office shall follow all laws of the land in carrying out its

mission. The prosecutor can bring related charges for corruption in other realms such as customs, tax

evasion and others. The prosecutors’ office shall have the power to summon any institutions, private or

public, to gather information on anyone or company who have ample evidence that they have

embezzled money or enter in some illegal act relating to the Petrocaribe funds. The Prosecutor will also

have the power to demand restitution in lieu of imprisonment; forfeiture of assets and long-term

restriction of guilty parties from holding office and receiving governmental contracts, etc.

10) Launch a bottom-up National Constituent Assembly Mobilization to Help each other Rebuild. We

need representatives from the communes, the municipalities, the departments coming together with

their needs and concerns so that we can have a decentralized process for distribution of resources to

locally based governmental bodies that can meet the identified needs of the people. Such constituent

assembly will revise the constitution through consideration of all studies and proposals submitted.

It is undisputed that President Jovenel Moise has failed since his inauguration on February 7, 2016 to

manage the affairs of the nation so as to serve the best interest of the citizens. While it was not

apparent from the beginning of his administration,it has become objectively clearr for the last 15

months or so, is that President Moise is unable to lead and manage the best interest of Haiti. In spite of

his stated intentions to do better, he cannot lead this nation and the loger he remains at its helm, the

more harm will befall the nation. There have now been too many deaths, too much damage to property

and destruction of the economy, too much insecurity, too deep disruption of the institutions of the


It has now become a choice of either adhering to the constitutional requirement that the President

stays in office for five (5) years for its own sake or to look at the individual holding the position to

determine whether he can do his job. At this point, . We believe that articles 148 and 149 are

instructive as to what to do. Article 148 states that:

“If the President finds it temporarily impossible to discharge his duties, the Executive Authority shall be

vested in the Council of Ministers (in this case appointed by decree)…, so long as the disability continues

(declared as transcending his mandate).

But, often an individual is the last to recognize his own disability to carry out his functions. Presiding

over the nation is not like managing his private business. This is the people’s business and they are

being harmed by President Moise’s inability to carry out his sworn duties. He is no longer effective and,

therefore, all that remains for him to do is to find a peaceful transition from power as President of Haiti.

We believe that regardless of what he is saying currently, he needs and requires help with the transition.

It is also undisputed that the society needs immediate relief from the Jovenel Moise administration and

such relief will have an immediate short term impact of diminishing the precipitous anarchistic descent

of the nation into a dog eat dog inferno with no end. The combination of the movement to force the

resignation of President Moise and his inability to manage the society during the last 24 months have

had the impact of “locking” down the nation. The nation has no accessible fuel for normal circulation of

goods, for service providers to get to their places of work such as hospitals, schools, etc. Commerce is at

standstill so that goods such as food and other basic necessities are unavailable. Even when gas may

once again become available, insecurity has forced businesses to close. Proliferation of weapons

throughout the country, rampant and random acts of violence against people and property have

restricted even basic pedestrian mobility.

The President has thus far failed to exercise the necessary leadership to constructively manage the

affairs of the nation. Numerous reports or statements have exposed his failings. He has failed to

aggressively prosecute acts of corruption as exemplified by the theft of 4.2 billion of Petrocaribe funds

and has even been implicated in such corruption. His domestic policies have been unwise and untimely

as exemplified by his excessive gasoline price increase proposal in July, 2018 on a people already unable

to make ends meet, his inability to deliver economic development or any social progress in the realm of

health, education and welfare for the people. His international policies have been shameful and

retrograde embracing US sanctions against our historical ally, Venezuela. He has failed to build

partnerships with nations such as the People’s Republic of China that could assist Haiti’s economic


Inside of the nation, President Moise has failed to set forth an ambitious and compelling plan towards

development to assist the people. The Caravan for development is the President’s only articulated

pathway to development. However, such an initiative has not been comprehensive and has now

stagnated. At best, the Caravan was focused on localized infrastructural initiatives that should have

been delegated to the department of public works to accomplish as its local governance.

He has been unable to collaborate with divergent forces in society to find solutions to the nation’s

problems. Politically, he has had extreme difficulties for approximately 8 months to get his most

recently nominated government approved by parliament. All of the factors above and more have led to

his total isolation and he has become the target of anger and distrust in the land. Under his watch, the

nation has crumbled. That is why the opposition and the masses of people have declared him “unfit”

and called for his resignation.

The criticisms have been and are correct against President Moise. The general consensus is that

conditions in Haiti has never been so bad. Sadly, however, his predecessors Martelly, Preval, Aristide

and others faced the same criticism because they cannot claim to have successfully led the nation

towards qualitatively measurable development and out of perpetual conflicts. Future presidents will

also fail to advance our nation because we lack the strategic renewable planning calculated to get us on

the road to development including resolution of conflicts between rivals in the nation.

But our experience has taught us that president Jovenel is only a symptom of the problem, We have a

lot of work to do after his exit to direct the nation towards healing and reconciliation while we rebuild a

society where the rule of law prevails, arbitrary violence is not tolerated and armed militias or gangs are

disarmed. As well, we must make it our general open objective to meet the people’s demands for food,

clothing, shelter, work, education for their children, for an end to corruption, for effective justice and

the right of the people to peacefully protest in the streets to have their voices heard.

However, no matter what we do, we must have stability because the greatest enemies of Haitian

progress is the lack of democratic governmental stability. The few instances of prolonged stability in our

history have been imposed upon us, but undemocratically. Such was the case during the nineteen (19)

years of US occupation of our nation from 1915 to 1934 as well as the twenty-nine (29) year period,

from 1957 to 1986, during which time the Duvalier regime-imposed stability by force. During the

Duvalier dictatorship, the people had not right to speak or to assemble and the press was muzzled. The

exercise of these freedoms came with the price of death.

Since its existence as a republic, the nation has experienced approximately thirty-three (33) Coup d’Etats

and approximately twenty (20) forced changes of Prime Ministers during which time the entire

cabinet/government of the nation is dismissed and replaced. These governmental transitions are often

without continuity of substantive plans. New Prime Ministers and their governments /cabinets have

almost always had to start over with new plans that have generally been worthless.

Too often, during these disorderly transfers of power, progress stops, chaos and anarchy prevail. Our

institutions become non-functional and even defunct. Violence proliferate against everyone, including

women and children. Economic development stagnates. No legislative agenda can be pursued.

Education must be interrupted. Health care and social programs to support the less fortunate of the

society becomes scarce. Under these conditions, theft of resources, money, services and general

corruption permeate every sector of the society actively or passively. Government revenue collection

suffers and therefore cannot pay public employees for months on end as it is now. The people hunger

and take flight to Chile recently, the DR, the US, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas and elsewhere in pursuit of a

living risking their lives. Our international reputation diminishes, our credit rating becomes unworthy of

investments or loans and we must once again be rescued from our own selves.

But who do we think is coming to rescue our nation once again or impose a rescuer on us? The “core

group?” But these nations are generally in great disorder and that is not a bad thing for us. France in

under constant protest by people demanding equal distribution of resources. The European Union is

facing its possible disintegration. The US is locked in a struggle for strategic control over world

resources, markets and hegemony with China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and other nations.

Those members of the core group who come to our country in response to our current crisis have been

coming to lecture us and not to partner with us to qualitatively help us develop our nation. When China

presented us an opportunity to totally rebuilt Port-au-Prince, the US derailed the project. In our recent

history, in 1994, the US sends troops to return President Aristide to power after Papa Bush collaborated

with our military to overthrow him in 1991 only nine (9) months into his overwhelmingly popular

election to the presidency. Then, ten years later, in 2004, we forced President Aristide out of power

again via a ragtag armed uprising supported by Baby Bush, whose government imposed Latortue in

power to “stabilize” our unruly nation. Around that time, the UN also had imposed the United Nations

Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) which lasted until 2017. The most important outcome of this

mission is that our population was infected with cholera, which had historically been non-existent in

Haiti. Today, the UN has MUNJUST in Haiti and is preparing another mission for us Haitians.

In conclusion, every Haitian in and out of Haiti, want relief from President Moise as a condition

precedent to move towards the future. We can no longer wait. The United Front offers its services to

help negotiate a resolution to the crisis and beyond the President’s departure.

ONE HAITI, ONE PEOPLE, ONE MISSION: For Haiti to regain its rightful place in the world--A beacon for

freedom. Yes, we can!!!!!.

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